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Cabaret Show



Ceri Dupree

 Female Impersonator Extraordinaire

It is no wonder that female impersonator Ceri Dupree’s shows are always sold out.  Ceri provides a sensational evening of visual comedy, impressions, music and astounding jaw dropping costumes.

Ceri’s latest show is called ‘EYEcons’ and imbues his unique comic twist to many characters including Joan Rivers, Lady Gaga and Cilla Black.  Along with these will be timeless favourites such as Dolly Parton, Cher and Shirley Temple to name but a few.

Amazing costumes, pinpoint parodies and a laugh a minute, EYEcons pays ‘tongue in cheek’ tributes to some of Ceri’s favourite women.


“Ceri Dupree is a grand dame of the scene, up there with the likes of Lily Savage and Danny La Rue.”


“Dupree storms the stage with style, wit, glamour and a pace that leaves you amazed.”

(Time Out)